​Join us for a glimpse into one of the biggest days on the farm - harvest of the fibers!
​The Gathering
Shearing sheep goes much more smoothly with many helping hands.  As friends gather in the kitchen to lunch on bowls of hot chili, we figure who prefers to help move the sheep, take photos, sweep between shearings, pick up the shorn fleece or
skirt fleece. Everything needs to be in place before the shearer arrives. I love this day! It's inspiring to have other fiber artists express their excitement over a lustrous fleece, & appreciate the beauty of this breed! Sharing this with friends is what makes this special.  Visitors are welcome at sheep shearing day. Email us for details & come join us!
the Sheep Shearer
Preparing the Sheep
Prior to shearing, sheep are penned together in a small area to allow them to settle, & for easy access to keep the process moving. Rubbing close to each other also brings out the lanolin, which is better during shearing. 
Photos are taken of each sheep & an open view of each fleece. 
Setting the sheep up on her butt is the position of least resistance, & the initial of several established positions. Although machine shearing is fine, we prefer the handblades. This allows for a little more wool to be left on the sheep, & is much quieter. 

The shearer shares his overall impression on the condition of the animal, & trims hooves if needed (usually confined to small flocks). This is a good time for us to give any shots that may be needed.

We're excited to have Kevin Ford as our sheep shearer. His extensive experience at hand-blade shearing encompasses years, & successful competition to the international levels.  
The Fleece
An initial skirting of the fleece is done to remove any wet or less desirable areas. Each fleece is tagged & bagged separately. At a later date, I'll go through each fleece & skirt them heavily in preparation for sale, then post photos of the fleece, staple lengths, & descriptions on our Fleece page. Very picky about the condition of the fleeces we sell!

time for the Llama

The llama shearer utilizes a different approach from the sheep. An adjustable frame equipped with special straps keeps the animal upright & safely confines her during the shearing process. Shearing the llama is on another day than the sheep shearing.

Our shearer Tabbetha Haubold of Long Island Livestock Company , travels the eastern seaboard & is highly experienced & qualified with llamas as well as with sheep. Only the best for our babies!